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Vacancies on the AGCAS Board of Directors

Are you interested in the strategic management of AGCAS? We're seeking motivated and enthusiastic volunteers to join the AGCAS Board of Directors to get involved in making key decisions about the organisation's future development for the benefit of its members, staff and key stakeholders.

The roles available are Vice-President, Company Secretary and Company Law Member. This is an exciting time to be part of an executive team...

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Careers Advisor
The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design
Closing Date: December 7, 2014

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Great expectations: How good are universities at making their students more employable?

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This survey examines how well universities and the 'university experience' prepare students for life after graduation - and what could be done better. Over 2,300 students participated in... More details ›


Internationalisation community in profile

This community is for careers professionals working with international students and graduates. It is intended as a forum for sharing and discussing issues, resources and good practice relating to i...

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There are many opportunities to work with AGCAS, to get your message across to UK HE careers professionals, and the students, graduates and academics they work with. These include advertising, sponsorship and exhibiting.


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Advising in Groups, London

How often do you find yourself repeating the same advice on CVs, interviews, or using Prospects Planner over and over to individual students?

03 Feb 2015

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Parental influence on children's academic and employment choices, London

This one-day conference, organised by AGCAS in partnership with GTI, explores parental influence on children's academic and employment choices a...

04 Dec 2014

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01 October

  1. UCD Science, Engineering and Technology Recruitment Fair, Dublin

02 October to 03 October

  1. Introduction to Guidance Interviewing, Warwick

06 October to 10 October

  1. University of Leicester Festival of Careers

07 October to 08 October

  1. The University of Edinburgh Careers Fair

08 October

  1. UCD Law Recruitment Fair, Dublin

08 October to 09 October

  1. LSE Careers Consultancy Fair

13 October

  1. University of Leeds Autumn Graduate and Internships Fair

14 October

  1. The London Graduate Fair from The Careers Group and

14 October to 16 October

  1. LSE Careers Banking and Financial Services Fair

16 October

  1. University of Surrey Autumn Careers and Placements Fair

17 October to 18 October

  1. Career Development Theories: Integrating theory and practice, Warwick

20 October to 21 October

  1. Newcastle JobFest

20 October

  1. The University of Nottingham Law Fair

21 October

  1. University of Aberdeen Engineering and Technology Fair

21 October

  1. Oxford Careers Fair

21 October

  1. LSE Careers Internship Fair

22 October

  1. University of Bradford Graduate Recruitment Fair

22 October

  1. Keele Graduate Careers Fair

22 October

  1. The University of Edinburgh Global Experience Fair

22 October

  1. Oxford University Management Consultancy Fair

22 October to 23 October

  1. The Scottish Graduate Fair, Glasgow

22 October

  1. The University of Edinburgh's Careers in Retail

23 October

  1. University of Leeds Business and Finance Fair

23 October to 24 October

  1. Oxford University Finance Sector Fair

28 October

  1. University of Hull Careers Fair

29 October

  1. University of Leeds Engineering and Computing Fair

29 October

  1. The October Postgraduate Study Fair from The Careers Group in association with FindAMasters & FindAPhD

30 October

  1. University of Leeds Law Fair

30 October

  1. LSE Careers Business and Management Fair

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