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Summary of recent AGCAS GLaM discussions

The AGCAS Graduate Labour Market Sub Committee (GLaM) works with HESA and other key stakeholders on a range of issues concerning DLHE and related data collections. It also develops good practice and resources to enable HE careers service staff to utilise graduate labour market information (LMI) in innovative ways and support student transitions. GLaM made a significant contribution to HESA's recent Destinations and Outcomes Review, leading on the AGCAS response to the consultation.

The GLaM Sub Committee met most recently in April where the group received reports from HESA, BIS, HECSU and ONS.  Highlights from the meeting are available below or you can download the full notes from the meeting.

The group welcomed new members to the group: Naomi Oosman-Watts (Newcastle University), Stephen Davie (The University of Sheffield) and Christopher Tye (University of Reading).

Update from HESA

The report from HESA covered the DLHE Consultation, which has now been completed. There was also a short update on BoS highlighting that feedback on this first iteration of the system would be welcomed in order to make improvements for the next collection round. The GLaM Sub Committee will be coordinating feedback via a questionnaire, which will be disseminated in due course. In the meantime, feedback can be sent by email to Naomi Oosman-Watts.

Update from BIS

BIS reported that work is ongoing on the HMRC data. Current planning is that BIS will receive monthly reports on this data, which they will then share with relevant parties. Discussions around who will have access to the data, and how widely it will and can be shared are still ongoing.

BIS has also undertaken analysis into the number of students enrolled on entrepreneurship courses/modules. The analysis has been published on the website.

Update from HECSU

There were some interesting findings reported from HECSU regarding the UKCES Employer Skills Survey:

• There are shortages in quantity surveying and PR as graduates do not have enough experience to work in these types of roles.
• 0% of all IT positions are hard to fill, yet 10% of computer science graduates are unemployed.
• There is a shortage of qualified teachers, especially SEN teachers.
• Managers are poorly skilled in management (most managers simply rise through an organisation).

Analysis of the survey findings from a graduate’s perspective is yet to be completed (HECSU have started work on this) but a report will be available at a later date. HECSU will be producing a variety of reports, including regional labour market reports, to support careers advisers in their work.

Update from ONS

ONS ran a consultation exercise on revising SOC. Information about the consultation can be found on the ONS website.

There was also a reminder that the team are always happy to help with any SOC-related queries and to provide SOC training. Please get in touch with ONS if you have any new job titles that you feel worthy of inclusion to the index.

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Created on: 03 August 2016

Last updated: 08 August 2016

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