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Launch of the new AGCAS Strategy

Building on the invaluable contribution of members, AGCAS has formulated its new strategy, which begins today and will run through to 2019. Following months of work and consultations we are absolutely delighted that the Board have approved the strategy and the changes that it will bring to AGCAS as an organisation.

 The strategy is based around five key areas, which will shape our work:

•   Advocacy - to be regarded as thought leaders and influence policy

•   Research and Knowledge - to be experts in HE student careers development and graduate employment

•   Quality - to be recognised as a professional body

•   Community - create a sense ofcommon purpose, all AGCAS members feel that their progession/missing/group/region is represente

•   Learning- AGCAS delivers professional development for all members

These core areas are explained in much greater detail in the full strategy (attatched below) and they will help us focus on a number of important current themes, namely internationalisation, regionalisation, TEF and degree apprenticeships. We believe that these five key areas will help us target our research and our knowledge to best serve our highly driven membership.

The new strategy has also meant changes of governance at AGCAS, meaning alterations to the structure of both AGCAS staff and the AGCAS Board of Directors in order to best deliver it. 

The full strategy can be downloaded from the document attached below:

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Created on: 12 December 2016

Last updated: 13 December 2016

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