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Vacancies on the AGCAS Graduate Labour Market Sub-Committee

AGCAS is seeking applications from members for a newly-vacant position on the AGCAS Graduate Labour Market Sub-Committee (GLaM).

Labour market expertise 

GLaM is a sub-group that sits within the Research and Knowledge strand of the new AGCAS strategy, with particular alignment to the strategic action of facilitating regional, national and international graduate labour market expertise and its application to our practice and student/graduate outcomes.

GLaM works with HESA, HEFCE and other key stakeholders on a range of issues concerning DLHE and related data collections. It also develops good practice and resources to enable HE careers and employability professionals to utilise graduate labour market information in innovative ways and support student transitions.


GLaM is making a significant contribution to the HESA Destinations and Outcomes Review with representation on both the strategic and working groups of #NewDLHE. The GLaM Sub-Committee was also instrumental in shaping the AGCAS response to HESA's New DLHE Consultation on principles and future requirements for the UK's public interest data about graduates. Most recently, members of the GLaM Sub-Committee interviewed Dan Cook (HESA) to hear about #NewDLHE’s latest developments.


The sub-committee meets twice a year, usually in October and March, and includes active co-opted members from HESA, HEFCE, Scottish Government, BIS, ONS and HECSU. 

We welcome applications from AGCAS members with an in-depth knowledge of DLHE operations together with an appreciation of other data collections and an interest in staff training/development. Applications from members who are passionate about collecting accurate labour market information and then telling the story to students, academics and other stakeholders with an interest in graduate outcomes will also be considered. To reflect the diversity of the AGCAS membership, we welcome applications from members throughout the UK, regardless of the size and make-up of your service and institution. 

How to apply 

If you are interested in joining this sub-group of the AGCAS Research and Knowledge Committee, please send a personal statement (no more than two sides of A4) outlining your relevant experience and skills and why you are interested in joining the group to Andrew Whitmore, GLaM Chair, by Friday 17th February.  Or for an informal discussion about the role, please feel free to contact Naomi Oosman-Watts.

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Created on: 02 February 2017

Last updated: 02 February 2017

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