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Election for AGCAS Learning Director - voting open

Following the recent advertisement for a Learning Director to serve on the AGCAS Board, Full Members of AGCAS are invited to vote in an online poll to decide who should be elected.

Nominations were received for:

 • Judith Baines
 • David Foster
 • David Winter

In accordance with the Articles of Association of AGCAS, an election is being held. Full Members of AGCAS may vote once in the poll. The nominee who secures the most votes by the closing date of Monday 27 February 2017 will be duly elected.

Nominee profile statements

Judith Baines

"I believe we should all have access to tailored, evidence-based, professional development to enable us to perform our jobs to the highest level and opportunities to gain professional qualifications.

What do I offer?

1) Understanding
I understand your diverse needs:
 • I have worked as Student Developer, Volunteer Coordinator, Careers Adviser (specialist and generalist), Head of Service with Employer, Placement, DLHE and Enterprise teams
 • I have worked at London Metropolitan University, College of Law, London School of Economics & University of Hertfordshire

2) Experience
I have the required experience:
 • 15 years’ experience supporting AGCAS professional development activities
 • AGCAS Training, Education and Development Group member, advising on professional training programmes and the content of AGCAS conferences
 • An organiser of the Heads of Service Conference 2017
 • AGCAS Trainer/Lead Trainer on the Challenges and Group Work modules
 • Secretary to AGCAS London & South Regional Training Group
 • Secretary to AGCAS Board; elected to LondonMet Board of Governors
 • AGCAS Mentor
 • Speaker/workshop presenter: use of technology in careers services; international students; working with third party providers and reducing the BME attainment gap
 • MA in CEIG; PG Cert in HE; Senior Fellow of HEA

3) Networks
It is important for AGCAS to work closely with other professional groups and to share best practice regionally, nationally and internationally.
 • I have delivered talks for Graduate Careers Ireland, AMMOSHE and ASET
 • I have been on the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) Conference Group
 • I am on the AGR Membership Review Group looking at how AGR can represent its members more effectively

I am committed to supporting the Board in offering you a cohesive and innovative strategy that supports all elements of a modern careers service."

David Foster

"Having worked in HE career development since 1994 within the UK and Ireland, I bring national and international perspectives to the Learning Director role and to the AGCAS Board. As Ireland is referenced in AGCAS’s mission and vision statements, my experience connects directly to the current Strategy. I have been active in AGCAS, serving on working groups such as the Legal Profession Task Group, Research and Innovation Group and on the team that developed the current Code of Practice. I have participated at conferences and worked with the Learning Manager to organise the 2012 Heads of Service Conference in Dublin.

I have been a Director and Deputy Chair of the Association of Higher Education Careers Services in Ireland (AHECS) and would hope to leverage this experience to enhance further the existing relationship between our associations. Understanding and addressing the needs of all AGCAS members, irrespective of location is an area I can contribute to as the membership diversifies both nationally and internationally.

I am experienced in designing and developing learning interventions for students and staff at home and abroad. As a guest of the Malaysian Ministry of Education, I have presented to HE careers staff from across the country and I have been an external reviewer of the Careers Service at an international Graduate Business School. I also oversee the quality assurance of a recognised examining centre of City and Guilds in the area of Professional Recognition Awards.

I am academically and professionally qualified, including a PhD in Students’ Career Self-Efficacy and a level 7 (L9 in Ireland), City & Guilds Senior Award in Leadership & Management. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and a Member of the Institute of City & Guilds (MCGI).

Thank you for your time."

David Winter

"AGCAS already provides very high quality training but, if we are going to achieve our strategic aim of having all members rely on AGCAS for their professional development, we need to do more.

For me, professional learning isn’t just about developing skills and knowledge but about building our professional identity and expertise so that we have the confidence and credibility to influence the employability agenda within our institutions and beyond.

My current role as Head of Research & Organisational Development for The Careers Group involves taking a strategic view of professional development for all the diverse roles within our services. This has involved bringing together different groups (careers advisers, information professionals, employer engagement teams, etc.) to build enthusiasm for CPD, to equip people to identify their developmental needs and to support them in meeting those needs. I have also initiated a thorough review of our own training and other developmental activities to identify gaps and the potential for innovation through the use of technology and blended learning.

I have been an AGCAS trainer and mentor for over 15 years, working on Guidance Skills (Advanced) and Train the Trainers amongst others. Through these activities I have established strong working relationships with the staff at AGCAS and Warwick. I have also facilitated workshops to help other AGCAS services implement peer review and reflective practice activities.

In my previous role as Head of Consultancy I worked with membership organisations to help them design and deliver professional development and leadership programmes, helping them to understand what they and their members really needed.

I would like to bring my strategic perspective along with my track record of developing high quality, innovative training to this role of AGCAS Learning Director to ensure that our members can thrive amidst the constantly changing landscape of HE employability."

How to vote

Visit the online poll - AGCAS Learning Director election

Only Full Members of AGCAS are eligible to vote. You will need to have created an account with the AGCAS website and you will need to be signed in. If you have any problems accessing the poll or signing into the website, please contact The closing date is 5pm on Monday 27 February 2017.

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Created on: 06 February 2017

Last updated: 07 February 2017

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