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The British Academy – call for evidence

The British Academy for the humanities and social science has initiated a flagship project on the skills inherent to the study of arts, humanities and social science (AHSS) and the contribution that individuals with those skills make to society and the economy. They have produced a summary and initial analysis of key evidence on AHSS skills.

The project itself 

The British Academy believes that there is a growing need for a better understanding of whether the UK has got the right balance of skills, skills levels and disciplines for the future. They believe it is timely to hold an intelligent debate about the place of education and skills in securing prosperity for society.
This flagship project aims to articulate the skills that are inherent to the study of AHSS, their value to the individual, and the contribution they do make and could make in future to society as well as those skills that are important for educators of AHSS students to introduce directly. The Academy hopes to stimulate and facilitate a national debate about the nature and value of these skills, and set the agenda for a wider Skills Programme to 2020. 

About the Call for Evidence 

To inform the flagship project, the British Academy wishes to establish an evidence base about the skills developed by studying AHSS and the contribution that individuals with those skills make to society and the economy.

They have issued a call for evidence based around six questions: 
 What do we mean by skills? 
 What skills should studying AHSS develop?
 What skills do individuals who have studied AHSS demonstrate? 
 What contribution do individuals with AHSS skills make to society and the economy? 
 What skills do employers want? 
 What skills are needed for the future?
The full list of questions along with some more background infomation about the call for response can be downloaded below. To contribute to the AGCAS response to this call for evidence please send your feedback to Samantha Woodman by 6th March 2017.

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Created on: 06 February 2017

Last updated: 02 March 2017

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