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Volunteers appointed to the AGCAS Committees

In recent weeks, following our call for volunteers, a number of members have been appointed to the new AGCAS committees and the Professionalism working party. 

The following AGCAS members have been appointed to committee membership for a three year term: 

Advocacy Committee (chair: Mark Stow, AGCAS Advocacy Director, University of Lincoln)

•    Catherine Finnimore, University of Essex
•    Sian Furlong-Davies, Aberystwyth University (representing AGCAS Wales)
•    Shona Johnson, University of Dundee (representing AGCAS Scotland)
•    Morag Walling, Kings College, London
•    Elaine Boyes, AGCAS Executive Director 

Community Committee (chair: Terry Dray, AGCAS Community Director, Liverpool John Moores University)

•    Emma Moore, University of Liverpool
•    Su Maynard, University of Leeds
•    Julie Blant, University of Nottingham
•    Jane Goodfellow, University of Cardiff (representing AGCAS Wales)
•    Judith Baines, University of Hertfordshire
•    Marcus Andrews, AGCAS Membership Manager

A representative for AGCAS Scotland is yet to be appointed  

Learning Committee (chair: David Winter, AGCAS Learning Director, Careers Group, University of London)

•    Sarah Blackford, Lancaster School of Experimental Biology
•    Sarah Fox, Lancaster University
•    Richard Wilcock, University of Leicester
•    Paul Charman, University of Nottingham
•    Mark Yates, Writtle University College
•    Bev Herring, Aberystwyth University
•    Pamela Andrew, University of St Andrews
•    Oli Mawdsley, University of Essex
•    Dominic Prosser, University of Exeter
•    Linda Byrne, AGCAS Learning Manager

Research and Knowledge Committee (chair: Bob Gilworth, AGCAS Research and Knowledge Director, Careers Group, University of London)

•    Chris Biggs, Liverpool Hope University
•    Helen Buzdugan, University of Manchester
•    Matt Edwards, University of Birmingham (representing the Research Group)
•    Lloyd Williams, University of South Wales
•    Lynsey Russell-Watts, University of Edinburgh 
•    Megan Jenkins, University of Cardiff
•    Paul Gaunt, University of Liverpool
•    Fiona Christie, University of Salford (representing the Research Group)
•    Naomi Oosman-Watts, Newcastle University (representing the Graduate Employability Outcomes Data Group) 
•    Andrew Whitmore, University of Manchester (representing the Graduate Employability Outcomes Data Group) 
•    Gemma Green, AGCAS Research and Knowledge Manager 

The following AGCAS members have joined the Professionalism Working Party (chair: Nalayini Thambar, AGCAS Quality Director, University of Nottingham)

•    Elizabeth Mortimer, University of Edinburgh
•    Ashleigh Wilson, Northumbria Business School
•    Lorna Dargan, Newcastle University
•    Zoe Mitton, University of Huddersfield
•    Jim Reali, University of Birmingham
•    John Kirwan, Oxford Brookes University
•    Sam Rhodes, University of Brighton
•    Marcus Andrews, AGCAS Membership Manager   

AGCAS President, Shelagh Green commented:

"I would like to thank these AGCAS members and their home services, for the time and expertise they are providing to help take AGCAS forward.  I look forward to working with them, the AGCAS Board and Staff on delivering our strategy”

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Created on: 03 July 2017

Last updated: 03 July 2017

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