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Student wellbeing – call for articles for the October issue of Phoenix

The October issue of Phoenix will focus on student wellbeing. At the last meeting of the Phoenix Editorial Group, we discussed how best to frame this issue.

Set against a backdrop of rising demands for counselling services and an increase in the numbers of students reporting mental ill-health and anxiety about future careers and employment outcomes, we are seeking one-page and double-page articles addressing the following areas:  

•    Institutional approaches to delivering tailored/dedicated support to students with emotional and mental health issues: how is this duty of care shared/structured in your service? 
•    Collaborative working and joint provision of support/information sharing: how do you coordinate work between the careers and employability service and other student services, eg Counselling Services, Students' Unions. What mechanisms are in place? How far do you go to support students? Are there limitations to the support you can offer?  
•    How do you deliver support: workshops, group settings, one-to-one? How do you measure impact?  
•    Engaging students with support services available: what are you doing that's new, different, award-winning? Do you have best practice to share of successful projects?  
•    Exploration and perspectives of 'resilience' in the context of graduate attribute development: views on how this is managed/developed in the context of wellbeing, particularly where mental ill-health is identified  
•    Approaches to careers guidance within an 'anxiety culture': steps taken to help reduce student anxiety  
•    Mental first-aid in the context of preparing students for the world of work: definitions and interpretations of 'failure', managing the fear of failing to live up to expectations and uncertainties about job prospects.  

We are interested in contributions from a range of different angles, from institutions in all parts of the UK. We are seeking the perspectives of AGCAS members, academics, students and employers. 

The aim of Phoenix is to share best practice and showcase HE careers and employability service delivery across a wide range of areas. We are especially interested in receiving articles that instigate debate, outline challenges faced and how you have responded /reshaped delivery to overcome challenges, and offer views/opinions rather than descriptive accounts of operational schemes or programmes. 

Non-themed articles We are also happy to consider non-theme articles on topics of interest to our readership. This includes careers and employability professionals, employers, academics, partner organisations and the wider HE community.


The deadline for articles is 5pm on Friday 25 August 2017

Article word count A one-page article is between 550 - 650 words. A double-page spread is approximately 1,000 words. How to submit an article If you intend to submit an article, or have an idea for a proposed article that you would like to discuss further, please contact Gemma Green in the first instance with your ideas or if you have any questions. You will then be allocated an editor from the Phoenix Editorial Group who will offer full editorial support throughout the process. All articles should be submitted via the Phoenix article submission form, which outlines how to write for Phoenix and offers tips for constructing an article. 

View the previous issue of Phoenix.


Created on: 17 July 2017

Last updated: 17 July 2017

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