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Proposal for new Postgraduate Taught Student Survey consultation webinar

A new Postgraduate Taught (PGT) student survey is proposed by HEFCE and the other UK funding bodies. 

HEFCE are running a webinar on the afternoon of Wednesday 11 October which will cover the content, structure and timing of the survey, along with the approach to publication of responses.

The main drivers behind a new approach to a PGT survey are:  

·      Accountability and transparency
·      Enhancements to teaching quality
·      Student information (to particularly inform prospective and incoming PGTs).  

The HEA are also involved as they lead on the current PTES survey. The aim is for one national survey covering home/EU and international students and to ideally publish results at course level or detailed subject level. There would clearly be an interest in the metrics should TEF extend to PGT.  

Time frames

·      Initial consultation – September/October
·      Formal consultation – start of 2018
·      Testing and piloting – 2018/19
·      Implementation – 2019/2020  

The AGCAS PGT Task Group covered this update in their session at the recent AGCAS Annual Conference. Slides from their workshop can be viewed here.  


Consultation events about the proposed survey are happening now including a webinar on 11 October. The project team are keen to engage as many sector stakeholders as possible so please feel free to circulate information about the consultation events to relevant staff within your institution and to PGT students too. AGCAS is involved in discussions with the project team through the PGT Task Group.


Created on: 26 September 2017

Last updated: 26 September 2017

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