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Northumbria's innovative animation

Northumbria University's dynamic animated clip, which outlines the service Careers and Employment at the institution provides, is an excellent example of collaboration across a university working in the interests of students. When a need was identified for a low-cost, succinct, high-quality advertisement for careers and employability services, the department employed a collaborative approach both within the service and externally.

Two teams within the service were involved in the project: the marketing group and the technology group. Marketing were looking for an electronic medium to promote the service, which was in line with findings of a focus group held by the technology group. It was agreed to work towards the creation of an eye-catching short animation, which could be distributed across electronic media.

Budgetary constraints led to the consideration of a collaborative approach with academic schools and Northumbria students. Careers advisers, using academic contacts, found two students studying Motion Graphics and Animation in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, who were keen to help. A script for the animation was prepared by Careers and Employment, followed by several meetings with the students. Although the students were only required to storyboard the video for their coursework, they were so committed to the project that they went on to complete the entire animation - including a voiceover.

Through this valuable collaboration, Careers and Employment has a high-quality advertisement that can be used in a variety of settings and promoted through a range of media, at minimal financial cost. It is a very brief (1 minute 42 seconds) useful, visually appealing, fun way of getting the range of services provided by Careers and Employment across to students and staff. The clip can be viewed on the Careers & Employment website and on YouTube.  

Evidence of effectiveness and success

The animation has actively raised the profile of the service amongst academics, university staff and students. Careers advisers are using it in group sessions with students and receiving positive feedback. The video was sent to key personnel and promoted across Facebook and Twitter.

The students involved benefitted from genuine work experience, working on a brief with a client, from storyboard to completed video. It helped them complete a module as part of their studies and will enhance their CVs and employability.

• Winner - AGCAS 2011 Award for Excellence: Innovation

AGCAS Innovation Award Sponsored by Barclays Capital

Barclays Capital

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Created on: 23 November 2011

Last updated: 06 January 2012

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