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First career destinations of disabled graduates - research published

Each year, the AGCAS Disability Task Group produces a report on the first destinations of disabled graduates nationally. The 2012 What Happens Next? report (based on data collected from the 2009/10 cohort) has been published.

This year's report indicates a certain level of stability returning to the graduate labour market following last year’s downturn.

Download What Happens Next? A Report on the First Destinations of Disabled Graduates

Key findings

• The proportion of both disabled and non-disabled graduates entering employment rose clearly this year with the rate of increase for disabled graduates slightly higher than for their non disabled peers.

• Unemployment levels decreased for both groups with the rate of decrease marginally greater for disabled graduates.

• The proportion of graduates entering 'graduate level' employment improved this year, with, for the first time, higher proportions of disabled graduates in graduate level employment than non disabled graduates.

• Graduates with a 'Specific Learning Disability' and those with 'unseen disabilities' generally achieved more favourable outcomes than those with more apparent disabilities. The notable exception to this trend occurred among Deaf/Hearing Impaired graduates. Higher numbers of graduates from this group entered 'graduate level' occupations than any other category of graduates - disabled or non disabled - whilst unemployment levels for this group were the lowest of any disabled category.

• Graduates who are wheelchair users, or have mobility difficulties exhibited the lowest levels of full-time employment and the highest levels of unemployment.

• The sector attracting the highest numbers of both disabled and non disabled graduates was Human Health and Social Work.  

• This year saw identical percentages of both groups entering 'management level' occupations.

• Earnings of disabled graduates compared well with non disabled graduates, although average starting salaries remained at 2009 levels for both groups.

Find out more

Further information can be obtained from the AGCAS Disability Task Group.

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