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University of West London embraces social media

The University of West London Careers and Employment Service, like others working in the field of graduate employability, is acutely aware of the revolutionary times in which we operate fuelled by a highly competitive graduate job market and high student expectations. Assessing the impact of change is key. One thing the service are currently grappling with is weighing-up the influence of internet technology and social media on graduate recruitment. In particular, how different employers recruit graduate talent across different industries and occupations and how prepared students are for change.

Social media survey

Last year the service conducted an initial investigation into how students use social media and used the results to consider the impact on its established ways of working. From the 161 responses received, 90% of students use Facebook and 70% use YouTube for careers information. The majority make little use of professional online networking sites, such as LinkedIn, with most considering networking to be essentially a face-to-face activity. Through our research we also found employers who were using social media platforms for recruitment purposes.

Lizzie Dove, Head of Careers and Employment Service, said:

"The results of the survey have focused our attention this year on encouraging students through workshops and employer input to make the best use of social media by observing the correct protocols and using the tools available to create a professional online presence be it a LinkedIn profile or a Twitter blog. This year we plan to survey our employers to ascertain their usage and views on social media in their recruitment processes."

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Created on: 26 January 2012

Last updated: 03 February 2012

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