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New guidelines for setting up regional DLHE groups

The Graduate Labour Market Task Group (GLAM) has published guidelines and recommendations to support new or existing members with setting up, joining or running a regional DLHE group.

These groups give members the chance to talk about the highs and lows of being operationally involved in the DLHE survey collection or the dissemination of graduate destination statistics. They share good practice and discuss new and innovative ways to improve all things DLHE - it's a chance to network with people who understand what 'doing' DLHE really means.


The guidelines have come about following a survey conducted by the task group, which revealed a number of requests from DLHE colleagues to join the meetings of existing regional DLHE groups or to find out if a group operates in their region. They include information on how to join a regional DLHE group, details of your regional representative and information on setting up and running a regional group, including the expectations and commitment involved as well as support available.

They guidelines are accompanied by a supporting document, outlining how these groups can help with your DLHE work. As a current member commented:

"It's very easy to feel isolated as a DLHE coordinator. The group enables me to share my frustrations and the difficulties of making a DLHE return to HESA and it's good to discuss new ideas to improve the collection process."

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Download the Guidelines and Recommendations for Setting up and Running a Regional DLHE Group

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Created on: 06 May 2014

Last updated: 08 May 2014

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