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Vitae project explores what research staff do next

Clare Jones, a member of the AGCAS Research Staff Task Group, is part of a project team investigating the careers of research staff who moved from research posts in European higher education institutions to other employment sectors. The project, What do research staff do next?, is run by Vitae in collaboration with Naturejobs.

Project aim

The project will examine how and why early career researchers who have been employed in postdoctoral positions leave higher education and enter other occupations. The aim is to develop a better understanding of how these researchers transition, what careers they have and their reflections on the transition process and current career paths.

It will reveal the tipping points in their careers, understand their decision-making processes and explore their experiences and reflections of their career paths. This will provide an invaluable insight into potential employment opportunities for research staff considering moving out of higher education.


As part of the project, the team has developed a survey. Research staff who have moved out of a UK/European university or public research institute are encouraged to complete the survey.

AGCAS members can promote the survey to interested parties using the #PostAcStory hashtag.


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