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Parental influence research: survey for AGCAS members

GTI Media and AGCAS are collaborating on a research project to examine how, when and how far parents influence their children's choice of university, degree course, career and employer. If influence is being exerted, the project will also explore why, to what end and to whose benefit?

AGCAS members are encouraged to complete the short survey aimed at careers and employability staff, which will complement the larger studies undertaken with students and parents. The research also has the support of NUS and AGR.

The aims of the project are:

• To map current experience, perceptions, motivations and actions of parents, students, employers, careers and employability professionals and university admissions tutors with regard to parental influence.
• To investigate the differences in attitude and behaviour between students and parents from all socio-economic groups, between students from different universities and between employers from different sectors.
• To produce recommendations for each stakeholder group if there proves to be a need for action, guidance and information.

Survey of AGCAS members

What can careers and employability staff do to reach out to parents as influencers? What advice, guidance and information do parents need? How can they be reached?

Please complete the short (it will only take five minutes) survey for careers and employability staff. The deadline for completion is the end of July.

Research outputs

The research report will be launched at an AGCAS conference in late 2014. Further announcements about the event will follow.

For further detail about this research, contact Chris Phillips, UK Information and Research Director at GTI, Bob Gilworth, AGCAS Director of Research, or Paul Redmond, AGCAS President.

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Created on: 02 June 2014

Last updated: 06 June 2014

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