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Suggestions for new types of graduate jobs wanted

As part of our joint commitment with Graduate Prospects to ensure career resources are relevant and current, AGCAS and Graduate Prospects are looking to expand the series of Types of Jobs (Occupational Profiles) in 2016. As part of this expansion, we would like your help with suggestions for new titles.

Members' suggestions

Would you like to see a particular profession added to the series? If so, please send your suggestion to along with an explanation in 50 to 100 words of why you think it is needed. For example:
• Have you identified a gap within the current sector coverage?
• Do you often get asked about a particular profession but struggle to find information on it?
• Do you have contacts with employers from the profession or see adverts for the role?
• Is it an emerging career that looks set to be popular?
It is important that we have the explanation to accompany the suggestion so that we can evaluate its potential as a possible new title. Unfortunately if you do not provide any detail about the title, we will be unable to consider it.

Please send all responses by 5pm on Monday 5 October. AGCAS and Graduate Prospects will then jointly agree on which new titles to progress next year, at which point we will seek to recruit writers.
Thank you in anticipation for your contribution to the joint AGCAS and Graduate Prospects commitment to produce relevant resources for the benefit of students, graduates, careers professionals and the wider HE community.

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