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  1. Review of technology platforms used by AGCAS member services

    A survey based on feedback from AGCAS Link surveys carried out in early May 2017.

  2. Embedding Skills Development into the postgraduate curriculum.

    This case study focussed on a pilot project at the University of Warwick, which brings together academic staff and professional services to create and deliver more relevant, tailored support within postgraduate programmes.

  3. Phoenix (AGCAS journal)

    Phoenix is the AGCAS journal, produced three times a year in February, June and October.

    The latest issue is June 2017: Supporting postgraduate students
    The next issue is October 2017.

  4. Consultation questions - Industrial Strategy Green Paper

    The Green Paper for the Government’s Industrial Strategy was launched last week; this paper is the beginning of a long consultation period and was described as being ‘very green’. During the next couple of months there will be much discussion as the industrial strategy takes place. Through these newsletters, we will try and keep you up to date on developments.

  5. AGCAS Graduate Labour Market and Student Engagement Survey

    This annual survey aims to build an informative dataset of the graduate labour market as it evolves and develops over time. The AGCAS survey is unique as it taps directly into the practical knowledge and experience of the graduate labour market from the leaders of higher education careers and employability services throughout the UK.

    AGCAS first undertook this survey in 2014. The survey was repeated in 2015 and in 2016.

  6. Interviews with Dan Cook, HESA (2017) on the #NewDLHE

    During the AGCAS Heads of Service Conference 2017 AGCAS had the opportunity to interview Dan Cook from HESA to find out more about the #NewDLHE.

  7. Teaching Publications

    Updated by the AGCAS Teaching and Related Professions Task Group and published in the TARGETpostgrad Teaching publication and online on TARGETjobs and TARGETpostgrad, this series includes Routes into Teaching, Getting a Teaching Job, Education Alternatives, Teaching in Scotland, Teaching in Wales and Teaching in Northern Ireland.

  8. What Do Graduates Do?

    Published annually, What Do Graduates Do? uses statistics drawn from the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey (DLHE), which is conducted by every university in the UK each year to try and establish what every graduate is doing six months after graduation. What Do Graduates Do? is the result of a close collaboration between AGCAS and Prospects, on behalf of the Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HECSU).

    Key findings from the lastest edition of What do Graduates Do? (2016) show that the graduate jobs market is at its strongest since 2007. 

  9. Representing AGCAS internationally

    This document outlines the eligibility of AGCAS members to represent AGCAS on an international stage. This is in line with the internationalisation strand of the proposed AGCAS strategy 2016 - 2019, which sees internationalisation as a key strategic priority in order for AGCAS to become experts in graduate international labour markets.

  10. First-Year Student Careers and Employability Survey Report

    Based on a pilot survey undertaken in a UK university in November 2015, the First-Year Student Careers and Employability Survey Report was produced by the AGCAS Research Group in early 2016. The report includes students' prior experience of careers support, current views on careers and employability, future intentions of accessing career related activities and opportunities, and their confidence level in practical aspects of employability.

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