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Total Members 457

sonny IT Developer
chris Communications and Marketing Manger
gemma Communications Manager
SteveEdinburgh Assistant Director
kaystew Head of Careers and Volunteering
newcastle Careers Adviser
dgoettert Information Officer
marcus cook Careers Consultancy Co-ordinator
howells Careers Adviser
bghallam Information Adviser
Gary Thompson Careers Adviser & IT Manager
simon7250 Customer Services Advisor
SueBriault Careers Adviser
candidoodi deputy preschool leader
robewood Careers Practitioner
stomaskovic Careers Consultant for Research Staff
Joan Reid Head of Careers
Sue White Careers Information Assistant
sjc223 Information Assistant
adampowell Head of Employability
alexlanghorn Careers Consultant
Irena Jennings Lecturer in Careers and Employability
Les Waters Careers Adviser
shonamach Deputy Director/Careers Adviser

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