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Phase I – Graduate destination sharing

An important and insightful part of the University of Warwick/AGCAS’s research project which was one of five projects provided with funding by the British Council, China, was to discover the destinations at a sector level of UK-educated Chinese students. This ground-breaking work was done via AGCAS members sharing their DLHE data sets.

A copy of the consolidated DLHE Chinese Graduates analysis 2013/14 report created from data provided by 24 AGCAS member services is attached. The key findings of which were:

  • 79.8% of Chinese graduates are in work/studying or due to work in

  • A significantly higher proportion of Chinese first degree graduates
     continue to study (61.6%) compared to their UK counterparts

  • 71.1% Chinese graduates who are in employment work in China

  • Nearly half of Chinese graduates who are in employment work in
     three sectors:

     ‘Professional, scientific and technical activities’,
     ‘Financial and insurance activities’, and

  • More male Chinese graduates who are in employment are in
     managing or professional jobs compared to their female

  • The employment rate for PGT graduates 6 months after graduation
     (68%) is significantly higher than that for UG graduates (19.3%)

  • For Chinese graduates in employment, 77.1% of PGR graduates are
     in managing or professional jobs, a much higher proportion than
     PGT (40.2%) or UG’s (31.9%) in these roles

  • A higher proportion of graduates from:

     ‘Architecture, building and planning’ (88.4%),
     ‘Education’ (68.4%), and
     ‘Creative arts and design’ (60.3%)

     are in employment 6 months after graduation compared to that of
     graduates from other academic disciplines (not counting disciplines
     recording less than 20 respondents, such as Medicine).

  • AGCAS DLHE Chinese research report for university participants

    • AGCAS DLHE Chinese research report for university participants (Locked)

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