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Training Needs Analysis

If you are not certain what training may be appropriate for you, the following set of questions can be very helpful in clarifying training needs:

-  What new knowledge/skills do you require following changes in your job
   that have occurred recently or are about to occur? For example, starting
   to check CVs, writing a careers module, working with post-docs.

-  Is there anything in your performance that indicates a training need? For
   example, areas you avoid because you don't feel you know enough or
   have the right skills.

-  Is there anything in the context of the service that is changing that
   results in you needing new skills/knowledge? For example, new IT
   systems, the implementation of quality standards, new legislation,
   partnerships with FE colleges.

-  Are there any areas of continuing professional development (CPD) that
   would help build your overall skills/knowledge? For example, employer
   visits, exchanges with other services, becoming qualified. 

-  Are you personally looking to develop into a new role that will require
   new skills/knowledge? For example, becoming a careers adviser, moving
   into management.

-  Which of the training needs determined are urgent, serious or will grow,
   ie become a bigger problem if unmet?

-  How can the training need be best met? For example, observing
   experienced practitioners, individual coaching, case studies, text books or
   manuals, an in-service training event, external training event.

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