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Why should I join AGCAS?

There are several reasons to consider joining AGCAS, including:


One of the key benefits of membership is the support offered by fellow careers and employability professionals. Whatever is happening in your specific organisation, there is usually someone else who has experienced what you are currently going through.


AGCAS email discussion lists provide instant virtual access to over 2,300 careers and employability professionals, based mostly in the UK but also in the Republic of Ireland and worldwide. Members use these lists to participate in general or targeted discussions.


The benefits of membership to services include an impact on the quality of service provision, the skills and motivation of staff and the standing of the service within and outside your institution. There is access to opportunities to adopt peer review practices and to share ideas for pragmatic solutions.


AGCAS undertakes some benchmarking exercises, and it is also possible to benchmark informally through networking.


Most higher education institutions are AGCAS members – they are linked within the sector in an energetic, motivated way.

Professional development through training

Professional training courses are delivered online and through short courses and are considered to be ground-breaking and of world-class standard. Large discounts are available to members.


Members undertake mentoring for each other so that colleagues can get the most out of the training opportunities available.

Professional development through activity

Opportunities exist for individuals to develop as a trainer, as a mentor, as an AGCAS Liaison Officer (ALO) or through task group or Board involvement.


AGCAS organises a wide range of professional conferences and events across the UK, including its flagship Biennial Conference. Membership of AGCAS offers an invitation to and discounts on attendance at all AGCAS conferences and events.


Discounts on all AGCAS priced products, plus access to a huge range of resources produced by members for members - and the opportunity to contribute to the production of them.

Strategic voice

Membership of AGCAS offers membership of an organisation which has influence with government, employers, professional bodies, the academic community and the guidance community.


Free copies of Phoenix (the official journal of AGCAS, produced three times a year) and ARENA (fortnightly, electronic newsletter) are included in the membership package.

Specialist knowledge development

Members contribute to a wide range of AGCAS task groups, which develops skills and expertise that can be taken back into services. Working on a specialist area on a national basis allows task group members to develop professionally and to take pride in contributing to the debate at a national level.


AGCAS members have the right to stand for elected positions, including those on the AGCAS Board of Directors.

Additional benefits for Heads of Service

Heads receive an invitation to attend and/or send a deputy to the annual Heads of Service Conference, where careers service managers meet to discuss common issues. They also have access to AGCAS-HEADS, an email discussion list for heads of careers services. Specialist training is offered to heads of service, including regular training for new and nearly-new heads.

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