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It is AGCAS policy to protect personal information which has been provided by members, staff, customers, stakeholders and other individuals with whom it has contact, from misuse which might lead to the infringement of their personal privacy or might negatively affect their well being in any way.

These guidelines are intended to affirm this policy.

1. Collection, retention and disposal of personal information (including images)

i)   AGCAS will adhere to current UK Data Protection Legislation.
ii)  It will collect and retain only that personal information it needs and for
     as long as necessary.
iii) It will allow individuals access to the personal information held on them.
iv) It will give individuals regular opportunities to update personal
     information held on them.
v)  Photographs may on occasion be taken at AGCAS events for use only in
     AGCAS publications including its website. This will be made clear in
     publicity or booking documentation.
vi) Cookies may be collected for the purpose of website functionality and for
     AGCAS's own use. No data collected as a result will be passed to any
     third party.
vii) AGCAS will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all personal
     information it holds on individuals is secure and that all hard copy and
     electronic data is disposed of appropriately.

2. Publishing and sharing of personal information (including images)

i)   AGCAS will not publish or share personal information on its website or
     elsewhere without the permission of the individual concerned other as
     required by law or as detailed below.
ii)  Members representing AGCAS, whether as board members, task group
     members, writers, trainers or any another capacity will normally be
     expected to give permission for their email address, job title and
     workplace address to be published or shared in certain circumstances.
     This will be made clear on joining and as appropriate.
iii) Other members will normally be expected to give permission for limited
     personal details, restricted to name, job title, telephone number, email
     address, employer and workplace, to be published and shared with
     other members only via AGCAS's Directory of Members. This will be made
     clear on joining and as appropriate.
iv) AGCAS employees will normally be expected to give permission for their
     name, job title, telephone number, email address and the address of
     the AGCAS office to be shared and published in AGCAS publications. This
     will be made clear at the outset of employment and as appropriate.
v)  AGCAS will not publish or share home address or telephone numbers
     without the express permission of the individual, even when the home
     address is the individual's place of work.
vi) AGCAS employees will be expected to allow one or more named
     individuals to access their AGCAS email accounts, computers, files and
     mail where necessary. It will be clearly explained to them who has
     access and when it might be used.
vii) Where photographic images are published, AGCAS will not name
     individuals without the express permission of the individual.
viii) AGCAS employees will not forward correspondence (including emails),
     documents or files containing personal data to any third party, unless
     required to do so by law, when seeking legal advice or when taking
     legal action.

Any individual who believes that AGCAS is compromising their privacy, safety or wellbeing in any way should in the first instance contact the AGCAS Chief Operating Officer, Ian Ford (0114 251 5772), and, if not satisfied by the response, has the right of appeal to the AGCAS President, whose decision is final.

It is the responsibility of all AGCAS staff and directors to ensure that its privacy policy is adhered to.

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