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Scottish SMEs

This research project was undertaken to establish whether employers specify specific degrees or grades when advertising graduate vacancies, and whether small and medium employers (SMEs) conform to those findings. For practical reasons, the base data was taken as graduate vacancies published through the Prospects vacancy system used by higher education institutions in Scotland. In particular, the research was expected to answer the questions:

   •  How SMEs address their needs of degrees
   •  Do SMEs need specific degrees or general ones?

Key Findings
   •  The most common vacancies advertised by all employers in the last
       two months of the academic year 2014/15 covered:
    ◦  ‘business, consulting and management’,
    ◦  ‘information technology’,
    ◦  ‘marketing, advertising and PR’,
    ◦  ‘sales’, and
    ◦  ‘information, research and analysis’
       While the most common adverts from SMEs were for:
    ◦  ‘information technology’,
    ◦  ‘business, consulting and management’,
    ◦  ‘marketing, advertising and PR’,
    ◦  ‘sales’, and
    ◦  ‘information, research and analysis’.
   •  67.6% of adverts from all employers and 61.2% of advertisements
       from SMEs required degrees
   •  From all the adverts, only 10.9% of them specified a 2:2 degree
       or above as a basic criterion, while only 9.4% of those from SMEs
       required a 2:2 degree and above.

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