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Service Membership - UK and Ireland

UK and Ireland Service Membership is the level of AGCAS membership that confers the most benefits. This level of membership is for UK and Ireland-based careers and employability services (including those serving individual schools, faculties or departments) of institutions that offer HE provision.


To be eligible for UK and Ireland Service Membership:

  •    the institution must offer study programmes at higher education level;
  •    the institution must provide careers and employment services to
        students of higher education programmes;
  •    the careers/employability service must offer services to some or all of
        the institution's HE students/graduates;
  •    there must be a named head of service for the purpose of liaison with
  •    the service must already have or be prepared to commit to AGCAS'
        code of practice
  •    membership of AGCAS should not be sought to pursue commercial


Holders of UK and Ireland Service Membership are entitled to the maximum benefits conferred by AGCAS membership, eg:

  •    A supportive network of careers and employability professionals
        including heads of services.
  •    The named head of service or a representative will be eligible to
        attend AGCAS Heads of Service Conferences (currently annual).
  •    The named head of service and a named 'deputy' will be eligible to
        receive AGCAS Heads Updates by email.
  •    Access to AGCAS-Heads and other appropriate AGCAS email lists and
        LinkedIn groups;
  •    Many opportunities to network with professional colleagues and with
        graduate employers face-to-face, by telephone, email and via social
        networking sites;
  •    Access to and maximum discount off (40% Full Members and 30%
       Affiliate Members) AGCAS' wide-ranging portfolio of
        conferences, events and training;.
  •    Access to qualifications delivered by The University of Warwick in collaboration with AGCAS and to bursaries;

  •    The opportunity to enter and win AGCAS' prestigious
        Awards for Excellence.
  •    Opportunities to network and contribute to AGCAS via membership
        of a wide range of task groups and one-off projects.
  •    Eligibility to buy member service-only streaming licences for
        AGCAS video content.
  •    Copies of Phoenix, AGCAS' digital journal, three times a year.
  •    Copies of ARENA, AGCAS' fortnightly e-newsletter.
  •    Access to all areas of the AGCAS website, including service member-
        only downloads.
  •    Eligibility to join and chair AGCAS Task Groups.
  •    Eligibility to stand for election to the AGCAS Board of Directors.

Fees for Service Membership 2017-18

Please contact for a quote.

Full Membership

Full Membership is the individual membership category open to staff who work in UK and Ireland Member Services. Examples include careers advisers, employment advisers, information officers, information technology specialists, administrators, service managers, specialist careers advisers, DLHE officers and work placement officers. If a Head of Service approves an application, it will normally be agreed by AGCAS.

Full Members are able to vote in AGCAS elections, to become Board members and to chair AGCAS task groups.

Affiliate Membership

Staff who work in an institution which has a Service Member but who are not themselves line managed by the named head of service of that Service Member are eligible for Affiliate Membership of AGCAS.

Affiliate Members are able to chair AGCAS task groups but are not eligible to vote in elections for the AGCAS Board of Directors.

Applying for Service Membership - UK and Ireland

1. Complete an application form (available below).

2. If there is already a Member Service in the institution, we will require its head of service to support your application.

3. You will be notified of the decision approving or denying your application.

4. If your application is approved, you (usually the head of service) will receive an invoice from AGCAS for the membership fees.

5. Contact us if you experience any difficulties with the application process.

Applying for Full or Affiliate Membership

If you are an individual within an institution that already has Service Membership then speak to the head of service about applying for Full or Affiliate Membership as they will have to approve your application - only applications signed by a designated head of service will be considered.

Fees for Full or Affiliate Membership 2017-18

Membership runs from August 1st to July 31st annually. 

• Full Membership - £32.50 (excl VAT)
• Affiliate Membership - £65.00 (excl VAT)

Membership transfer and cancellation

If you have Full Membership and you are moving to another institution with Service Membership, please complete a membership transfer form (available below).

If you have Full Membership and you are moving to another institution without Service Membership, please reapply for membership.

If you have Affiliate Membership and you are moving to another institution, please reapply for membership.

If you wish to cancel your AGCAS membership, please complete a membership cancellation form (available below).

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