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Total Records: 2948

Member Organisation
Abbott, Nicola Sheffield Hallam University  
Abdullah, Aysha Coventry University  
Ackah-Annobil, Christina Canterbury Christ Church University  
Ackroyd, Chloe UCL (The Careers Group)  
Adams, Clare Durham University  
Adams, Lindsay Heriot-Watt University  
Adams, Gwen Aberystwyth University  
Adams, Debbie Leeds Beckett University  
Adams, Clare University of Westminster  
Adams, Jacqui University of Portsmouth  
Adamson, Claire Newcastle University  
Adeleye, Emma GSM London  
Adesina, Adam Loughborough University  
Afhim, Jalal King's College London (The Careers Group)  
Agnew, Suzanne The University of Edinburgh  
Agresta, Claudia University of Portsmouth  
Ahern, Jenny University of the West of England, Bristol  
Ahmad, Rashida City University London  
Ahmed, Hassana University of Birmingham  
Ahmed, Monira University of Central Lancashire  
Aindow-Jones, Kathryn University of Central Lancashire  
Ainger, Sarah The University of Nottingham  
Ainscough, David University of Cambridge  
Ainsworth, Carly University of Exeter  
Airey, Gail University of Bolton  
Aitkenhead Taylor, Irene University of Strathclyde  
Akehurst, Caron University of Greenwich  
Akram, Waleed University of St Andrews  
Al-Hakim, Emma The University of Manchester  
Alder, Samantha University of Essex  
Aldred-Bann, Donna University of Central Lancashire  
Aldridge, Laura Liverpool John Moores University  
Alegria, Claudio GSM London  
Alexander, Rosie University of the Highlands and Islands  
Alexander, Katie Sheffield Hallam University  
Alexander, Judith Wrexham Glyndwr University  
Alexander, Catherine University of Cambridge  
Alfeld, Jean University of Cape Town  
Alford, Claire University of Leeds  
Ali, Mohammed University of Hertfordshire  
Allan, Karen Sheffield Hallam University  
Allbeson, Sarah Cardiff University  
Allcock, Dawn The University of Sheffield  
Allen, Sarah The University of Nottingham  
Allen, James Wesley University of Hertfordshire  
Allen, Mark Imperial College London  
Allen, Wendy Middlesex University  
Allen, Gail University of Exeter  
Allison, Naomi University of Chichester  
Allison, Hannah Lancaster University  
Allsopp, Ronni Hartpury College  
Alpion, Dashi University of Birmingham  
Altariva, Sabrina University of Wolverhampton  
Altinors, Ebru University of Reading  
Alty, Naomi University of Hull  
Alty, Marie University of Northampton  
Amar, Kate The University of Nottingham  
Ambler, Carrie Durham University  
Amies, Lorraine Robert Gordon University  
Amin, Janki GSM London  
Amin, Bodrul City University London  
Amiras, Calli Brunel University London  
Amliwala, Vanissa University of Westminster  
Anderson, Emma Edinburgh Napier University  
Anderson, Marion University of Glasgow  
Andrew, Pamela University of St Andrews  
Andrew, Jannine The University of Manchester  
Andrew, Maureen Edinburgh Napier University  
Andrews, Carol University of the West of Scotland  
Andrews, Marcus Aston University  
Angell, Jane St Mary's University, Twickenham (The Careers Group)  
Ansari, Yasmin University of Birmingham  
Ansell-Jones, Catherine University of Sussex  
Anton, Helen University of the Highlands and Islands  
Anton, Karl University of Southampton  
Antoniazzi, Filippo Robert Gordon University  
Appleton, Diane University of Liverpool  
Arch, ZoŽ University of the Arts London  
Ares, Luisa Regent's University London  
Argirou, Lizzie University of Birmingham  
Armer, Abi Newcastle University  
Armitage, Mark University of Exeter  
Armitage, Helen Sheffield Hallam University  
Armour, Sarah University of Glasgow  
Armstrong, Alison Bournemouth University  
Armstrong, Rachel Lancaster University  
Arnold, Shauna London Metropolitan University  
Arnold, Patrick Liverpool John Moores University  
Ascroft, Pauline University of Gloucestershire  
Ashbee, Alex Imperial College London  
Ashbrook, Colette Liverpool John Moores University  
Ashenden, Shelley The University of Nottingham  
Ashman, Naomi University of Brighton  
Ashworth, Sarah The University of Manchester  
Aslam, Noushin Leeds Beckett University  
Aspin, Matt Newcastle University  
Atherton, Andrea University of Central Lancashire  
Atherton, Kate Newcastle University  
Atkins, Eunice University of Stirling  
Attwater, Magdalen St Mary's University, Twickenham (The Careers Group)  

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