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Student Entrepreneurship – will the Brown era be Golden in East Anglia?
The University of East Anglia's knowledge transfer activities receive significant funding from the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) programme. Owned by the DTI (until the recent re-shuffle in Government gave birth to the new Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills) HEIF funding is what has enabled the UEA to get serious about the promotion of entrepreneurship as a genuine alternative career path over the years. Firstly, however, it may be worth spending a moment thinking about just a few of the reasons why this might be a good thing.

Enterprise success in Yorkshire and Humber
There has been growing recognition in recent years that regional economies will benefit not only from graduates employed within local companies, but from graduates staying in the region to work on a freelance basis or to start their own business. An Enterprise strand of the successful GraduatesYorkshire project was therefore launched last year, funded by the RDA Yorkshire Forward.

Enterprising Boris at Newcastle
Over the last five or six years, students' enterprise skills and entrepreneurial aspirations have been at the centre of a lot of development work inside and outside of the curriculum of UK universities. In June 2007, Boris Johnson, Shadow Minister for Higher Education, paid a visit to Newcastle University to find out how it had developed its provision and what changes these developments have made to the students' learning experience. 

Enterprise Week
Enterprise Week (12-18 November 2007) is a national week of activities and events inspiring young people to make their ideas happen. Last year was a huge success with 3184 events attended by 445,000 people, of which 261 events were university based. This year we want to make even more of an impact! Lauren Maleh, who is responsible for the initiative's marketing strategy, website and materials, explains how you can get involved.

Award for Lancaster
In 2006, the Centre for Employability, Enterprise and Careers at Lancaster University (CEEC) saw its endeavours in enterprise and entrepreneurship provision recognised by winning the first ever AGCAS Award for Excellence in Enterprise (sponsored by NCGE). Read Director of CEEC, Paul Blackmore's account of how they did it.

Enterprise Education at Reading
Becky Miller, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Manager, describes enterprise education at the University of Reading...

Enterprise at Swansea
Corina Edwards, Entrepreneurship Development Officer at Swansea University, is responsible for bringing together the range of activities on offer to students, graduates and staff at the university, as well as working with local employers and entrepreneurs. Here she describes how she and colleagues help students develop a more entrepreneurial approach to their working life.

Enterprise in AGCAS - opportunity to get involved
AGCAS is planning a new task group on entrepreneurship and is seeking expressions of interest from members who would like to become involved. If you are involved in entrepreneurial initiatives within your own service or work with groups most likely to become self employed such as art and design students or  have other relevant interests and experience, the group could be for you.

International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference
The third International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (IEEC), to be held in London from 8-10 September 2008, will be of interest to many careers practitioners. It is now open for bookings and a call for abstracts will be issued shortly.

NCGE services for careers community
Does the AGCAS Enterprise Community leave you wanting even more on this topic? Did you know that the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship (NCGE) now produces a blog, a news feed and an intelligence bulletin for its careers community?

'Radical changes ahead for careers services' NICEC report
A new report concludes that radical changes already taking place in some institutions will have significant implications for the roles and continuing professional development of higher education careers staff.  

Enterprise Week 2008 - a national celebration of enterprise
Enterprise Week 2008 will run 17-23 November. Events and activities are planned for the whole of the UK, aimed at unlocking the UK's enterprise potential and inspiring people to have ideas and make them happen.

AGCAS Awards 2015: winners announced

The results of the 2015 AGCAS Awards for Excellence have been announced. Winners were presented with their awards at the AGCAS Annual Conference for HE Careers and Employability Professionals conference dinner and awards ceremony in Warwick.

Funding to put universities at the heart of social change

UnLtd and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) have launched a programme of support for social entrepreneurship in English universities and colleges. The initiative will help universities and colleges to develop their support structures for social entrepreneurship, making it easier for students and staff to start up a social venture and thrive within the HE environment. The programme aims to encourage a social entrepreneurship culture across the HE sector.

Enterprise champions in Wales
The Welsh Academic Champions of Enterprise Conference 2010 brought together academic staff, careers staff and young graduate entrepreneurs to explore the possibilities for enterprise learning and skills development.

Aston launch enterprise award

Aston University Careers and Employability Centre recently collaborated with SIFE Aston and Aston Entrepreneurs to launch a new enterprise award, which encourages students to pitch innovative business ideas. Aston Idol 2010 achieved support and sponsorship from a wide range of employers.

BSEEN to be a winner in Birmingham

BSEEN promotes entrepreneurship among students and graduates in the Birmingham area, whilst also meeting regional priorities including increasing higher skills, enhancing innovation and enterprise and supporting SMEs. It was jointly conceived by three partner university careers services: Aston, Birmingham City and Birmingham.

My other job

Working a full-time job alongside running your own business can test your organisational and time management skills to the limit. Sam Doud, IT and Web Services Manager at the University of Leeds Careers Centre, also runs his own web design and consultancy business.

EU grant available for enterprise education

The Enterprise and Education section of the European Commission is calling for proposals to promote projects with a high added value at European level in education for entrepreneurship. Actions will target teachers and young people in primary, secondary and tertiary education.


The future of careers advice and guidance

Tom Davie, member of the AGCAS Board of Directors and Deputy Head of the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre at Durham University, will be a guest speaker at the Westminster Employment Forum on The future of careers advice and guidance - schools, universities and adult provision taking place on Thursday 26 April in central London.

Supporting student enterprise

The role of careers services in supporting student enterprise and entrepreneurship education was just one topic of discussion at the Higher Education Entrepreneurship Group (HEEG) Conference, which took place at the University of Surrey on the 18-19 June 2012.

Queen Mary, University of London: Start Up Stand Up

Start Up Stand Up, held in May 2012, was a joint event coordinated by the QM Entrepreneurship Society and Queen Mary Careers, part of the Careers Group, University of London, and supported by the National Association of College & University Entrepreneurs (NACUE). The event was structured like a comedy club and aimed at inspiring students to consider working in an SME or starting their own business.

Newcastle University develops enterprising graduates and promotes employment in SMEs

The structure of the North East graduate labour market is characterised by SMEs and a relative scarcity of large private sector companies offering graduate training schemes. The larger employers in the region tend to be in the public and health sector. Newcastle University is strongly committed to supporting a graduate regional retention agenda and the Careers Service has consistently sought to introduce initiatives to make its students and graduates become more aware of the opportunities available with regional employers and to help regional employers become more aware of the value of engaging with its graduates.

Careers services respond to Wilson Review

AGCAS welcomes the government's response to the Wilson Review. In its response the government has announced that it will provide some seed corn funding to support AGR and AGCAS to work in partnership on the implementation of the Wilson review recommendations aimed at AGR and AGCAS.

Empower with Plymouth University

As the enterprise university, Plymouth University places employability and enterprise at the heart of its' learning experience. This translates to students as a three-pronged approach to enhancing their employability. The following is an overview of the opportunities available, as well as how Plymouth University is engaging employers to add value and relevance to the student experience.

University College Falmouth: Supporting enterprise and embedding employability

University College Falmouth is planning a number of new initiatives to put an increased emphasis on employability both within and outside the curriculum. There has already been major investment in a new employability team which now includes placements, an expansion of the college's employer liaison team and the imminent creation of a new post of entrepreneurship / business start-up adviser.

Student enterprise framework - consultation launched

The National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) has launched a consultation exercise to design a Student Enterprise Framework, which will allow institutions to assess the scale and scope of their student-centred enterprise activities against a recognised, national model. It is hoped that the framework will act as a catalyst within institutions and across the sector for the accelerated growth of student enterprise provision.

Plymouth University Careers Service wins national enterprise award

Plymouth University Careers Service has won the Enterprise Champion Award at the National Enterprise Education Awards. In partnership with Working Knowledge, Plymouth University has used FLUX, an enterprise challenge for students, as a way of engaging students in the possibility of setting up their own business, while at the same time using FLUX events to develop the employability skills of their students. Working in teams of four to six, students have half a day to create a business idea before presenting it to a panel of business 'dragons'.

What Do Graduates Do? 2012 edition published

What do Graduates Do? 2012 is now available to download. It is a collaboration between the AGCAS Education Liaison Task Group and HECSU: HECSU provides the facts from the DLHE returns; AGCAS writers provide the expertise and articles to make sense of the figures.

Enterprising members relaunch task group

The AGCAS Enterprise Task Group has been relaunched having recently received confirmation of funding for the 2012-2013 cycle and with five new members on the group. The group in its newest formation first met via teleconference on 31 October 2012 to discuss proposed activities for the coming year.

AGCAS survey: enterprise and entrepreneurial support

The AGCAS Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Task Group would like to hear from AGCAS members involved in the delivery of enterprise and entrepreneurial support. The group has created a short survey, designed to encourage the sharing of best practice, which asks members to outline the challenges faced in this area, as well as the areas the group could focus on and develop further.

Top speakers confirmed for AGCAS conference

Sir Tim Wilson, author of the Wilson Review, Dave Jarman, Chairman and Director of Enterprise Educators UK, Jeremy Budd, Vice-President of IBM, and Carl Gilleard, Chief Executive at the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), have all been confirmed as keynote speakers for AGCAS Biennial 2013, which will take place 10 - 12 September at the University of Exeter.

What Do Graduates Do? 2013 version now available

The 2013 edition of What Do Graduates Do? has been published. What Do Graduates Do? is a collaboration between the AGCAS Education Liaison Task Group and HECSU. The research shows the destinations of 242,285 first degree graduates and 81,650 postgraduates in January 2013 - six months after they had left university. This year's report features unprecedented data on postgraduate destinations.

University of Exeter: Think it, Try it, Do it

The University of Exeter won the AGCAS Entrepreneurship Award (in association with NCEE) at the AGCAS Biennial Conference 2013 for their innovative strategic approach to the provision of enterprise and entrepreneurship education based around a three-fold 'Think about it', 'Try it' and 'Do it' approach.

New enterprise blog from AGCAS task group

Following on from their successful AGCAS Biennial Conference workshop focusing on what careers professionals can do to effectively support students who want to become more enterprising, members of the Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Task Group have decided to start a monthly entrepreneurship and enterprise blog.

Vacancy on the AGCAS Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Task Group

The AGCAS Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Task Group is looking to recruit a new member. The role is to take over the responsibilities for communication and publications. The group meets three times a year in a central location or via teleconference.

Vacancy on the AGCAS Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Task Group

The AGCAS Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Task Group is looking to recruit a new member. The group meets three times a year in a central location or via teleconference. If you are interested in enterprise and entrepreneurship and would like to be the main link for communication and publications, then the task group would like to hear from you.

Graduate labour market buoyant, report heads of university careers services

A new survey from the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) reveals that the vast majority of the heads of careers and employability services believe that the graduate labour market improved further in 2014.

Enterprise blog from AGCAS task group

Members of the AGCAS Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Task Group have reinstated their monthly entrepreneurship and enterprise blog. The aim of the blog is to communicate more effectively with careers professionals and academics, as well as with members of the wider community who are interested in keeping up to date with the latest enterprise news and initiatives.

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Understanding, encouraging and challenging entrepreneurial students and graduates, London

Thu 04 Sep 2008

Specialist in entrepreneurial graduates, Richard Hanage will guide careers advisers and other professionals interested in understanding, encouraging and challenging entrepreneurial students and graduates through practical approaches.

Working with Entrepreneurial Graduates, Manchester

Wed 30 Apr 2008

A one day regional AGCAS event taking place on 30 April 2008 at Manchester Metropolitan University, this practical workshop for careers advisers, enterprise officers and business advisers will stimulate you to think about new ways you can work with entrepreneurial students and graduates.

FLUX! Final, Plymouth

Mon 06 Apr 2009 to Wed 08 Apr 2009

The 2009 final of  the FLUX! national student enterprise competition will take place in Plymouth on 6 - 7 April.

Employability and Enterprise: Regional Solutions, Bristol

Wed 20 Jun 2012

This South West AGCAS regional training day offers the opportunity to discover, share and explore diverse approaches to employability and enterprise.

Oven Ready Students - Equipping arts and humanities students with enterprise and employability skills, Preston

Fri 15 Jan 2010

This is a one-day best practice workshop looking at how live projects have developed and enhanced the enterprise and employability skills of arts and humanities students - with a special focus on those in archaeology.

Entrepreneurship and Self Employment, London

Fri 20 May 2011

How to promote entrepreneurship among students and provide support to students considering self-employment.

Self Employment and Enterprise, Manchester

Tue 17 May 2011


This workshop provides an opportunity to refresh your understanding of the support available to graduates considering self employment or business start-up. Participants will be invited to share good practice and learn from each other.


Supporting Self-Made Careers: Practical guidance for supporting students into self-employment, creative start-up and SME opportunities, Bristol

Wed 14 May 2014

AGCAS and Enterprise Educators UK are collaborating on an event for careers and enterprise staff working with students who aspire to go their own way - organised by the AGCAS Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Task Group and its co-opted member, Dave Jarman, Director of EEUK.


How to Recognise an Entrepreneurial Individual, Sunderland

Fri 05 Jul 2013

A North East AGCAS regional training course to increase your ability to recognise and encourage entrepreneurial talent.

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Create Your Own Career
Create Your Own Career has been produced for students and graduates of artistic, creative and performance degree courses, many of whom take an alternative approach to employment and finding work. 

National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE)

Formerly the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship (NCGE), the aim of the NCEE is to raise the profile of entrepreneurship amongst students and graduates and promote a culture of entrepreneurship within higher education. 

Break-Out or Break-Up?
This report examines the role of four HE careers services in relation to their institutions' strategies for employability, enterprise, employer engagement and PDP. The universities examined are Birmingham, Central Lancashire, Lancaster and Liverpool John Moores.

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education
This 2010 survey of enterprise and entrepreneurship was carried out between February and July 2010 with a 92% response rate from 126 HE institutions in England representing 1.8m students.

Beyond Bricks and Mortar Boards: Universities and the Future of Regional Economic Development

This report discusses the changing role of universities in economic development, and their role in relation to regional economic development within the emerging policy framework of localism, local enterprise partnerships (LEPs), and the aspiration to rebalance the economy.


Working in Fitness: An analysis of the fitness industry in the UK

The Working in Fitness Survey is a key source of information on the fitness industry across the UK. Now in its tenth year, it explores a range of issues, from salaries and working conditions through to professional membership and future expectations of staying in the industry.   

Make Business Your Business

Make Business Your Business provides an assessment of the landscape for supporting entrepreneurs and new businesses, including help and advice on offer from the public and private sectors. The report highlights some of the main issues affecting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) along with the key developments that have helped to promote enterprise in this country. It is the first comprehensive report on SMEs since the Bolton Report of 1971.

The BCC Skills and Employment Manifesto

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC)'s Skills and Employment Manifesto sets out long-term solutions to ensure UK employers can access the skilled workforce they need. It includes recommendations to improve young people's transition from education to work, boost employers' investment in in-work training and help them to find skilled workers among the nation's jobseekers.

The Higher Education Academy (HE) Teaching and Learning Summit on Employability

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) Teaching and Learning Summit on Employability took place in May 2012. The summit brought together people with varied experience of and expertise in educational and labour market research, graduate recruitment, and embedding and delivering employability, enterprise support and culture change across the higher education (HE) sector. Delegates included practitioners, experts, employers, senior managers, students and policymakers.

Taking Pride in the Job: University action on graduate employability

This report, aimed at universities, students, graduates and employers, focuses on identifying existing good practice which can be shared to enhance employability and proposing further action to continue to improve the employability of graduates.

Higher Education – Business and Community Interaction Survey
This analysis by HEFCE of the twelfth annual Higher Education – Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) survey shows that the total value of the services that UK universities provide to the economy and society increased by 4 per cent to £3.4 billion in 2011-12, from £3.3 billion in 2010-11.

Enterprise Education Impact in Higher Education and Further Education

In November 2012, ICF GHK was commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to provide evidence of the impacts of the economic value of enterprise and entrepreneurship education as well as indicating best practice, any gaps in current provision, and any gaps in the research evidence of impact.

The Growth of Employee Owned Businesses in Scotland: Report to Scottish Enterprise

This report presents the findings of an investigation into the growth performance and growth dynamics of a selection of Scottish employee owned businesses (EOBs) compared to a peer group of companies who have conventional ownership structures. 

Enterprise and entrepreneurship blog

The AGCAS Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Task Group produces a monthly blog aimed at higher education careers professionals interested in the latest developments in entreprise and entrepreneurship.

Encouraging a British Invention Revolution: Sir Andrew Witty’s Review of Universities and Growth

This report, written by Sir Andrew Witty, Chief Executive of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), was commissioned by the government to examine how universities can better support economic growth and drive exports.

Enterprise for All: The relevance of enterprise in education

This report focuses on entrepreneurial spirit in education. It is the latest in a series of moves from the government to make sure that young people leave education ready to work, with the skills and experience employers are after. The review covers the full breadth of education and is aimed at education leaders, teachers and all those involved in policy and delivery of teaching and learning.

A review of the literature on current practice in the development of employability skills

This report collates and reviews the literature on current practice in the development of employability skills. This is with a view to demonstrating the contribution of libraries to employability and the development of 'graduate attributes' and situating libraries' 'traditional' information literacy role in the new broader academic skills landscape.

Enterprise and entrepreneurship education: Guidance for UK higher education providers

This guidance has been developed by representatives drawn from, and acting on behalf of, the enterprise education community, with support from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). It is intended to be of practical help to those working with students in higher education to foster their skills in enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Growing your business: A report on growing micro businesses

The purpose of this report is to highlight the abundance of opportunity and support available for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is aimed at policymakers and all those who advise and champion small businesses. It deals mainly with micro-businesses and small firms employing fewer than 25 people.  

Exploring the synergistic potential in entrepreneurial university development: towards the building of a strategic framework

This article aims to provide a framework for exploration of a strategic approach to entrepreneurial university development. It draws on earlier reviews by the author of the entrepreneurial concept and of the now considerable global literature on the theme of the entrepreneurial university, although there is a strong focus in this article on the UK.

What will the UK collaborative economy look like in 2025?

Nesta has created six possible future scenarios for the UK collaborative economy. Looking ahead to 2025, each scenario highlights some of the key trends and assumptions that are currently driving forward this space, such as micro-entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and local economic development.

Entrepreneurship Education: A road to success

This report provides a compilation of evidence from 23 countries, including the UK, on the impact of entrepreneurship education strategies and measures. The prevailing impression that emerged from the evidence collected is that entrepreneurship education works.

The Report on Small Firms (2010-2015)

This report charts a culture change: more people are choosing to be their own boss because of conviction in their own ideas. It also covers enterprise in education, changing public procurement, finance models and support for businesses, and includes case studies.

Research to Assess the Nature and Annual Value of Student Start-Ups

This report on student/graduate business start-ups, commissioned by HEFCE, examines student enterprise, including student start-ups and the contribution of students to spin-outs, from English HEIs.

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