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Vacancies on the AGCAS graduate labour market group

The AGCAS Graduate Labour Market Task Group (GLaM) is currently seeking two new members to fill current vacancies on the group, one of which is the role of Co-Chair.

GLaM works with HESA, HEFCE and other key stakeholders on a range of issues concerning DLHE and related data collections. It also develops good practice and resources to enable HE careers service staff to utilise graduate labour market information in innovative ways and support student transitions. GLaM is also making a significant contribution to HESA's Destinations and Outcomes Review.

HESA consultation on the future of DLHE

On Wednesday 11th May, HESA introduced the consultation around the future of the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey. AGCAS will be responding to the consultation via the Graduate Labour Market (GLAM) Sub Committee.

AGCAS Executive Director update: strategy and policy work (June 2016)

As I write, I know many members are still adjusting to the period of uncertainty and change that we are now entering. As careers professionals, I also know that members' focus will be on supporting and advising students and graduates during this period of transition. Following consultation with AGCAS heads of service, the AGCAS Board has published its response to the AGCAS referendum.

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Resources tagged with 'graduate outcomes'

Differences in employment outcomes

This report examines the early career employment outcomes of UK-domiciled students who qualified from a full-time, first degree course in the academic year 2008-09. It identifies differences in employment outcomes for different equality groups and examines whether differences seen in a graduate's early career persist into the medium term.

Intentions After Graduation Survey 2013: Initial findings

This report shows the results of the first Intentions After Graduation Survey (IAGS). The survey was offered to all online first degree respondents of the National Student Survey (NSS) and aimed to capture the intentions of final year undergraduates with respect to future study and employment options. This survey provides a baseline of the attitudes towards postgraduate study prior to surveying cohorts affected by the 2012 fee reforms.

Earning by Degrees: Differences in the career outcomes of UK graduates

This report examines how graduate career outcomes differ depending on the subject they studied and the university they attended. It shows the differences in earnings from different types of university in terms of starting salaries and earnings three and a half years after graduation.

Graduate Labour Market (GLaM) Sub Committee: Running and utilising the DLHE collection

Members of the AGCAS Graduate Labour Market (GLaM) Sub Committee regularly release reports, presentations and minutes from recent task group meetings and meetings with representatives from HESA, HEFCE, BIS, ONS, and other key partners, to update colleagues on developments in the area of DLHE, LDLHE and LMI and highlight issues arising out of data collection and any forthcoming changes, and their possible implications for institutions.

#NewDLHE: Synthesis of consultation responses

This document shares the outcomes of HESA's #NewDLHE consultation, which was launched in May 2016 to help determine what should replace the current DLHE (Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education) survey, as part of the fundamental review of destinations and outcomes data for graduates from higher education.

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