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Liverpool John Moores launches Careers Plus for alumni

Liverpool John Moores University has launched a new career development and jobs portal, Careers Plus, for alumni to be able to access information, career development modules, master classes, networking opportunities and jobs. It is aimed at alumni wanting to secure their first job, re-enter the working world or gain a promotion. The service is provided by a partnership between LJMU's Graduate Development Centre and recruitment specialists Hays.

Engineering insights from the AGR Engineering Sector Focus Group

The AGR Engineering Sector Focus Group met in December 2012 to discuss employment opportunities and challenges in the engineering sector. The meeting was attended by David Gilchrist, Careers Consultant at City University London and AGR AGCAS Liaison Officer (ALO) for engineering, who also put questions from AGCAS members to the group. The meeting was attended by a range of engineering companies, including Siemens, Denso and Thales.

AGCAS Country Profiles live on TARGETjobs and TARGETcourses

Following the official partnership between AGCAS and GTI Media, the AGCAS Publications Team is delighted to announce that 20 Country Profiles are now live on the and websites.

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Anglia Ruskin University - Virtual Jobs Fair 2010

Mon 25 Jan 2010 to Sat 13 Feb 2010

Anglia Ruskin University opens its 3rd annual Virtual Jobs Fair on the 25th January 2010, live and online for 3 weeks.

SOAS Mini Graduate Jobs Fair, London

Thu 03 Jun 2010

Bringing together students graduating in 2010 who are still looking for a graduate job with employers who are still looking to fill vacancies in 2010.

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Resources tagged with 'job'

Job profiles

AGCAS Job Profiles, produced in collaboration with Graduate Prospects, focus on the jobs that new and recent graduates are most likely to enter within their first five years of graduation. There are around 400 profiles in the series, each containing information about responsibilities, salary, qualifications, skills, work experience, employers, professional development and career prospects.

What can I do with my degree
The AGCAS What can I do with my degree series (Options Series), produced in collaboration with Graduate Prospects, provides an overview of the options available to graduates - and the destinations of previous graduates - from a range of subjects. There are over 70 titles in the series, from Accountancy to Zoology. 

Future skills supply and demand in Europe: Forecast 2012

This report analyses results of Cedefop's latest skill supply and demand forecasts up to 2020. The forecasts aim to provide evidence on future labour market developments to help to make informed decisions. They identify major economic and socio-demographic trends and examine their implications for labour market sectors, occupations and qualifications.

Employment and skills in the North of England

This paper provides an analysis of some of the key employment and skills challenges facing the economies of the North of England. It begins by briefly considering what an employment and skills focused vision for the North of England might look like, and presents some options for the sorts of goals that might be aspired to.

A Dynamic Nucleus: Colleges at the Heart of Local Communities

This final report from the Independent Commission on Colleges in their Communities presents a vision of further education colleges as a 'dynamic nucleus' at the centre of their communities, creating links and establishing networks of partnerships.

The Future of Work: Jobs and Skills in 2030

This report presents the results of The Future of Work study, which looks ahead to the labour market of 2030. It analyses stable trends that are already shaping the future of UK jobs and skills, and forecasts the most likely disruptions to those trends. It then plots four anticipated scenarios of what the UK's work landscape might look like in 2030 and, importantly, the skills that will be required under these conditions. 

European Vacancy and Recruitment Report 2012

This report is the first of a set of biennial reports to be launched by the European Commission as part of the EU Skills Panorama. It focuses on changes in the demand for labour, including analyses of contractual arrangements, sector demand, occupation demand, growing occupations, difficult to fill vacancies (bottleneck occupations), skills requirements and the market shares of public employment services and temporary work agencies.

After restructuring: Labour markets, working conditions and life satisfaction

This report analyses the consequences of restructuring for the individual employee. Specifically, it examines which employees lost their job at the onset of the recent economic crisis, which of them found a new job and how these events, job loss and subsequent re-employment impacted on their overall personal situation and life satisfaction.

Students working while studying

This report by NASES (National Association of Student Employment Services) provides a comprehensive overview of the student employment sector in England and complements the NUS' work on The Pound in Your Pocket (2011) research.

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