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NTU: Using social media to engage with students

Rish Baruah was recruited to Nottingham Trent University (NTU) as a careers consultant with a social media remit. Here, he discusses the challenges of establishing a social media presence that conforms to the demands of corporate identity and gives his top tips for using social media successfully when engaging with students.

Nordic networking - a conference report

The 12th annual Nordic Careers Network Conference was held in Aalborg, northern Denmark, in June. Helen Pownall, Careers Consultant at the University of Manchester, delivered the opening keynote speech and a workshop on social media and new technologies.

University of West London embraces social media

The University of West London's Careers and Employment Service has conducted research into the sometimes contrasting ways that employers and students make use of social media and has tailored its services accordingly. 

TARGETjobs Breakfast News: Engaging talent earlier

The September 2012 TARGETjobs Breakfast News was attended by Jennifer Steven, Careers Consultant at The London School of Economics and Political Science. The focus this month was on engaging talent earlier.

Doubling of students using careers services for networking: GTI survey

Heads of higher education careers and employability services were treated to a sneak preview of important survey findings at their annual conference in Cardiff last week. GTI Media's employability survey was a follow-up to one carried out six years ago and it showed some fascinating changes. Students and recent graduates were asked a series of questions about how well their university (and, specifically, their careers and employability service) had prepared them for life after university. 

University of Aberdeen creates digital employability skills project

OPEN (Online Presence, Employability, Network) is an HEA-funded project, created by the University of Aberdeen for and with students to increase their digital employability skills. It will be a resource that aims to ensure tomorrow's graduates are keeping up-to-date with digital employability methods via social media.

TARGETjobs Breakfast News: Being social

AGCAS was represented at June's TARGETjobs Breakfast News held at The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) in London by Gemma Green, AGCAS Communications Manager. The event included presentations covering new and original thinking on how social media is used in graduate recruitment.

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Current and future events tagged with 'social media'

Social media event, Edinburgh

Tue 19 Dec 2017

A one-day AGCAS Scotland regional training event aimed at broadening your knowledge of social media and increasing your confidence about using it.

Proposed events tagged with 'social media'

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Past events tagged with 'social media'

Virtual Connections for a Distanced Region, Oxford

Mon 19 Mar 2012

This is a South West and Wales AGCAS regional event, exploring ways to communicate creatively and effectively with students over a wide geographical area.

Facilitating students and graduates in presenting themselves for the 21st Century, Abertay

Wed 23 Mar 2016

This seminar, the sixth to be offered in collaboration by the CRA and AGCAS, and the first in Scotland, will feature stimulus contributions and extended opportunities for developmental discussions on how we might support students in navigating the ‘digital frontier’ from start to finish.

Social Media, London

Wed 26 Jan 2011

This one day regional event aims to give participsnts an insight into supporting students to use social media successfully for networking and finding opportunities.

This event is fully booked.

LinkedIn and Twitter Lab for Beginners, Manchester

Fri 08 Apr 2011

This hands-on, practical regional training day is aimed at careers staff who have little or no experience with social media and feel they would benefit from some support in getting started.

By the end of the workshop you will learn how you can use LinkedIn and Twitter in a variety of ways as a careers professional.  You will also learn how you can support students in using these tools effectively both for their own career research and to create and access relevant jobs and work experience.

Social Media for Beginners, Loughborough

Thu 09 Jun 2011

This event has been developed to help those new to Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media get started. Through the event you will find out what social media is, learn how students and careers professionals can use it to support networking, identifying opportunities and researching careers.  


#GEC14 The Graduate Employment Conference 2014 (Gradcore), Sheffield

Tue 27 May 2014

The 7th annual Graduate Employment Conference, organised by Gradcore and sponsored by RISE, brings together graduate recruiters, universities and graduates. We continue to use our conference/unconference format, which involves a classic conference format in the morning and then a lively unconference in the afternoon, giving you the chance to share and air views and ideas.

Use of Social Media in Job Search, Leeds

Wed 09 May 2012

A North East AGCAS regional training course to increase your understanding of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to improve the job search advice you give to your clients.

Sheffield's Summer Graduate Recruitment Online Fair

Mon 11 Jun 2012 to Fri 22 Jun 2012

Our online fair is a great opportunity for employers to promote vacancies, graduate schemes or work experience opportunities to a large audience of students and a new cohort of graduates - without leaving the office!

Social Media for Beginners, Leicester

Tue 19 Jun 2012

This is an AGCAS East Midlands regional training event. This interactive practical session will cover Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We will also look at the way social media can be utilised by careers professionals, HE careers services and graduate recruiters.

Social Media: Student and Service Strategies, Leeds

Wed 20 Mar 2013

A North East AGCAS regional training course to increase your understanding of social media.

Engaging with Students (including Social Media and Marketing), Hull

Wed 24 Jun 2015

This one day AGCAS NE Regional Training event is to help all Careers staff learn more about how to successfully engage with students. The event will give everyone the opportunity to share good practice and ideas and listen to professional speakers on marketing and use of social media.

Innovative Uses of Social Media, Stirling

Wed 28 Aug 2013

This AGCAS Scotland regional training event will look at social media in many of its guises - from using social media to market your service; to working in social media; and how to advise students on using it to find jobs. Speakers include universities using social media in innovative ways and industry experts.

Facilitating Students and Graduates in Presenting Themselves for the 21st Century, Birmingham - NOW FULL

Mon 08 Jun 2015


A one-day seminar, offered jointly by CRA and AGCAS, to support students and graduates in presenting themselves effectively in a digital world.

New Directions in Journalism, Teesside University

Tue 09 Jun 2015

This one-day AGCAS North East regional training event will offer an insight into the challenges and opportunities for the media industry in the digital age and the range of career opportunities open to journalism graduates.

#careers #socialmedia, Manchester

Tue 19 Jan 2016

This one-day AGCAS North West and North East regional training event will explore social media strategies for careers services, incorporating ideas and successful approaches from guest speakers from a range of university careers services.

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Resources tagged with 'social media'

Ethical use of social networking technologies in career services

This paper examines the use of social networking technologies (SNTs) in career services and related professions. It encourages careers professionals to reflect on the benefits and challenges of using SNTs in careers service practice and to discuss strategies to enhance services and experiences for clients. 

The Impact of Social Media on Career Management

This research project investigates the use of social media by students with particular regard to career management and career information needs. The purpose of the survey is to determine whether the current use of certain types of social media, when working with students, is appropriate.

Getting Started with LinkedIn (AGCAS webinar slides)

Slides from the Getting Started with LinkedIn AGCAS webinar, presented by Helen Buzdugan, Careers Consultant at The University of Manchester, on the 13th December 2011.

Careers and Employability Blogs

There is a growing number of blogs covering a range of topics of interest to HE careers professionals, including the graduate labour market, employability and careers information, advice and guidance. Many are also aimed at students, and some at a wider readership.

Building online employability: A guide for academic departments

This publication has been produced to disseminate what has been learnt through running the Social Media Internship Programme (SMIP) at the University of Derby. It is intended to help academic departments to support students to think about their careers and to use the online environment wisely.

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